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elpolloloco chicken

El Pollo Loco is kind of crazy for listing gluten free items on their No Wheat Gluten Menu that aren’t actually gluten free!  I don’t care if they have a disclaimer! FYI El Pollo Loco: A Chicken Taquito isn’t gluten free when it gets thrown into the same fryer as breaded Chicken Nuggets! That’s just basic Gluten Free 101! Which just goes to prove my motto: Trust but verify! It’s true for all restaurants, even the Crazy Chicken!

Instead of deep fried items, like the Crunchy Chicken Taco, Chicken Taquito, French Fries or Tortilla Chips, (or corn tortillas that are heated in the same microwave as flour tortillas), I’d stick with the Crazy Salad, or side dishes like cole slaw, corn on the cob, pinto beans or mashed potatoes without gravy! You can also order the Fire Grilled Chicken, since it’s cooked on a separate grill.

However, I must admit, I deciphered this info after contacting an ill informed customer service rep, who suggested I speak with an ill informed employee at my local El Pollo Loco restaurant, who in turn looked at me like I was loco when I asked about the No Wheat Gluten Menu. He even kibitzed with his manager, who confirmed the loco diagnosis. Once again, just because a fast food restaurant has a No Wheat Gluten Menu, doesn’t mean the staff or even the manager know anything about it. In fact, after dealing with the unknowledgeable fast food employees, I was beginning to think I was loco for eating at El Pollo Loco!  :)

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  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Karen,

    I too am GF now for three years and recently learned about your blog. Once upon a time, I always ate pollo loco until I learned that their chicken is not organic. In other words, filled with hormones like most other fast food places. When I looked this information up on their website, I found it to be vague and unclear. That is when I made the decision not to eat there.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    • Eating organic and gluten free is probably the best of both worlds! Unfortunately, eating gluten free is already pricey, and eating organic is usually even pricier! If there isn’t a huge difference in the price of an organic or non organic item, I always choose organic. If the product happens to be organic AND gluten free, that’s just a bonus! As far as El Pollo Loco is concerned, if it’s a choice between Chipotle with their free range chicken and El Pollo Loco, I’ll take the chicken that isn’t so crazy! :)

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