Toastabags-Sandwich-Grilling-BagsToastabags actually work!  They keep my gluten free bread safe and uncontaminated inside my brave, little toaster that’s infested with non-gluten free breadcrumbs!  Just remember, after you put a Toastabag in the toaster, the outside IS contaminated, so be careful how you retrieve your toast!  I unplug the toaster and grab my toast with a pair of tongs!  The unplugging part is kind of important, if you don’t want the last thing you ever see to be a Toastabag. :/

Apparently, you can even grill sandwiches or heat up pizza slices or chicken nuggets in the Toastabag, but that sounds like a lot of mess and fuss.  All I want is to toast a piece of Rudy’s Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread and slather it with butter!  Plus, my Toastabag will probably last longer than 50 uses, if I never have to wash it!  How frugal of me…and lazy! :)

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