Redken Chromatics Organic, Gluten Free Hair Color


My head and my hair are happier since I started using Redken Chromatics gluten free, organic hair color! Yep! That’s right! The secret’s out! This hair color of mine came out of a bottle! It was either that or go au naturel with hair that’s mostly salt with just a dash of pepper, and that’s just not okay, when I’m not that old yet!

If your head is allergic to your hair color or your hair is falling out like mine was, try Redken Chromatics, and take that harsh ammonia out of your hair color! If you like my golden locks, which you can see on Facebook at, just ask for 1 oz. each of 8N and 7 AB, and 1/2 oz. of 10N.   It’s not my original color, but it hides the grey really well! :)

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