Gluten Free Allergy Relief


Spring is in full bloom!  If you’re in need of allergy relief, like I am, here’s the gluten free status on Zyrtec and Allegra!

None of the Allegra products for adults or children are certified gluten free.  However, the only product that contains gluten, besides corn gluten, is the Children’s Meltable Tablets.  If you have an issue with corn gluten, Allegra-D 24 hr. Tablets and Allegra Children’s Liquid are the two products that don’t contain gluten at all!

Zrytec-D Tablets and Zyrtec Liquid Gel do not contain gluten!  Zyrtec Tablets (without a decongestant) have no gluten added, but the final product has not been tested for gluten.  Children’s Zyrtec Allergy Syrup does not contain gluten, but Children’s Zyrtec Chewables DO contain gluten, so be careful which one you purchase!

Now, instead of spending the morning, like I did, grilling a poor customer service representative about the presence of gluten in their products , you can just buy some gluten free allergy medicine and run through a field of wildflowers! :)

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