Jack’s Urban Eats

Most places don’t know Jack Squat about gluten free food, but not at Jack’s Urban Eats!  Normally, I’m more of a rural girl, but I can do urban, especially when there are loads of gluten free choices, particularly when it comes to creating your own salad!

Lately, I’m like Marsel the Shell, who nibbled on a piece of cheese, and his cholesterol went up to 900, so I’m trying to be good and eat lots of salad!  Most of the time, restaurants have no idea if their dressings or toppings are gluten free, but not at Jack’s!  Not only are almost all the dressings and toppings gluten free, but it’s safe to add meat, because the chicken and turkey are gluten free too!  Jack even has a gluten free menu now!  I think he was tired of explaining which items were gluten free every time I came in, so he made a menu just for me…but I’d be more than happy to share! :)

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3 Responses to Jack’s Urban Eats

  1. Tenley says:

    Do you know if their cheesy mash potatoes are gluten free? Thx!

    • They don’t have a gluten free menu or contact info listed on their website, so I drove to Jack’s Urban Eats just for you!:) I checked out their gluten free menu, and after all that rigmarole, all the gluten free menu said was to check with the manager regarding the gluten free status of any of their mashed potato items! I guess each restaurant is not created equal in regards to their gluten free menu! Hopefully, their mashed potatoes will earn a clear gluten free status on their next menu update! I’m with you! It’s one of my favorite comfort foods! The cheesier, the better! :)

  2. Justin K says:

    Their GF menu isn’t online. Are their sweet potato fries on the GF menu!?

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