How to Repair Your Damaged Intestines

If you have Celiac Disease and your intestines are damaged from consuming gluten, how do you repair the intestinal villi, so your body can absorb the proper nutrition?  The key is to stop eating anything with gluten!  It’s difficult to repair your intestines, if you keep re-injuring them by eating foods containing gluten.  This is easier said than done, because so many foods contain gluten.  You have to educate yourself by reading and other helpful resources, in order to accomplish a strict gluten free diet.

If you think, “It’s okay if I just have a little gluten,” think again.  If you have Celiac Disease, the tiniest amount of gluten triggers an autoimmune reaction where your body attacks the intestines.  Even if your food doesn’t contain gluten, cross contamination or eating something that’s been processed with wheat can trigger an autoimmune response. It’s a hassle, but you need to make sure that your food is 100% gluten free, which means that there is no gluten in the ingredients, processing or preparation of your food.

If you continue to eat gluten, because you don’t like the idea of changing your diet, eventually, the villi in your intestines will become so damaged that your body will be unable to absorb nutrients.  You’ll most likely develop other health issues and become malnourished.  If you’re like me, you’ll become so weak and fatigued that you need a nap after going to the grocery store.  Believe me, it’s just not worth it. =)

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