Little Belgium Deli and Beer Bar

I was delighted to taste a gluten free slice of my heritage at the Little Belgium Deli and Beer Bar in Auburn, CA!  After all, my husband’s great, great (add about six more greats to that) grandfather was the king of Belgium, so I thought about asking if that entitled me to a discount, but I don’t like to throw my royalty in people’s faces.  I prefer to think of myself as a princess for the common man. :)

I dined inconspicuously at the Little Belgium, concealing my true identity and proceeded to order a gluten free Gobbler with turkey, cranberry sauce, Pepper Jack cheese and sprouts!  It was like a Thanksgiving meal between two slices of toasted multi-grain gluten free bread!

Actually, it was two Thanksgiving meals, because the hospitable Little Belgium served me not one but two Gobblers.  I ate one at the restaurant, before remembering to snap a photo, and saved the other for later.  When I got home, the Gobbler was calling to me, though, so I gobbled up the Gobbler, and dabbed the corners of my mouth with a linen napkin and straightened my tiara and made a toast to the Little Belgium and dreamed of returning one day to his fair restaurant in the quaint hamlet of Auburn!

Farewell, loyal subjects!  Your Belgian princess is off to new lands!  I will return soon and entertain you with valiant tales of gluten free conquests! :)

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