The Olde Pink House

For the next two weeks, I’m taking a road trip with my daughters, Megan and Laura!  Whoo-hoo!  We’ll be driving from Florida to New York and over to Chicago in search of gluten free food and lots of fun, so fasten your seat belt as we wave goodbye to Orlando and head north for the Peach State!

First stop, Savannah, Georgia!  We were starving, so after walking up the scenic Bull St. and taking pictures of all the beautiful statues and old buildings along the way, we ended up at a fine dining restaurant, The Olde Pink House.  Where else are three girls going to dine?  Plus, the hotel clerk told us that if you only have one night in Savannah, you have to dine at The Olde Pink House.  It’s a beautiful southern home that’s been converted into a restaurant.  You can dine downstairs or climb the winding staircase and dine upstairs or you can do like we did and dine in the Tavern, which looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie!  The ambiance was dark and mysterious with dim lighting, rustic furniture, and drippy candles.  I half expected to see Hagrid lumber in and pull up a chair.

I doubt they served food this amazing at Hogwarts, though!  My picky eater, Laura, ate every last bite of her Crispy Scored Flounder with Apricot Shallot Sauce.  Megan savored her Pecan Crusted Chicken and every drop of the Blackberry Bourbon Glaze!  Thankfully, they had a gluten free menu, so I enjoyed the New York Strip Steak, minus the sauce, and a side of sweet potato with pecan butter!  Everything was beyond delicious, but I definitely think the world would be a kinder, gentler place, if there were more pecan butter! =) Yum!

The Olde Pink House

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